Sunday, January 17, 2010

Productive Saturday, Lazy Sunday

That's sort of how weekends are supposed to be though, right? Yesterday I had the oil changed in my car, got a haircut and manicure, got some new duds and some jewelry to go with them. And I had jamocha almond fudge ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. I haven't had ice cream there in ages. I think the last time, I had like 4 ice cream cones in my hands and the ice cream dropped off of one of them right onto the floor. I was dumbfounded and I am sure that there are still people talking about how they saw a woman lose the ice cream from her cone at the mall.

Today I'm not doing much of anything. I was going to clean out the fridge but that urge was overtaken by the need to watch some movies from Netflix. I watched Sunshine Cleaning and then The Hangover. They were both okay, but only okay. Maybe I'm a tough audience or maybe it all depends upon my mood. Probably if I was with my friends having some beers The Hangover would seem more funny that I found it today. But Bradley Cooper can have a lost weekend at my place anytime! I absolutely must see the A-Team Movie. Yum; he makes me drool.

I received my lesson book for my herbal studies and have made some small headway in the reading. I need to read all of the stuff about the Nervous System and then I'll be ready for the homework. Yes, I said "the Nervous System." I need to know how different parts and systems of the body work so I will understand how various herbs affect them. These lessons aren't all about making teas, ya know!

My studies in herbalism have met with a fair amount of scorn. I think people don't know what herbalism is or don't know that it's "real." Until the American medical community embraces the properties and powers of herbs more widely it will be an uphill battle. America is woefully behind on recognizing and including herbs as an accompaniment to standard medicine. But I think there is some progress and hopefully someday more people will think it's cool and there will actually be a place for herbalists alongside traditional medicine.

My mom thinks studying herbalism is some wacky thing that is a waste of time and money. Hooey, as it were. My boss sort of snorted and said, "I hope you make a lot of money at it." I told him I won't make money at it - this course of study is something I want to do because I WANT to learn it, not because I think it's going to make me rich. Personal enrichment and fulfillment is very important to me. Way more important than chasing the money train. I guess that's why I'll never be rich or even particularly comfortable in my life. But I have simple wants and needs and those folks who want to scoff and laugh are welcome to it. I know what makes me happy and what nourishes my soul and it isn't taking some classes that don't interest me. Will this boost my Employee Performance Review and make me more marketable? Nope. Is that my main focus? No. Let's not forget about the Work and Life Balance. This is part of my life balance and that is a very important thing. I'm doing this for me. :-)

Catch you on down the road.

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