Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh why do I do this?

You all know I've recently started a course in Herbalism. I'm having a bit of difficulty making time for studying but I know things will surely settle down here before long. I'm hoping to finish up the reading on the Nervous System this weekend and then settle in to get my first homework out of the way. And I'll go out to the storage area and bring in some baby food jars so I can make small amounts of some tinctures, which is also part of the homework. The course is self-paced so everything's cool there.

What makes me wonder about my sanity is that I've just signed up for the first class in a course of banking studies. I'm interested in furthering my banking knowledge and I need to do more work-related development. I know that this isn't something that I'm going to be dedicated enough with to do this with a self-paced program of study so I signed up for the instructor-led online course. I'll have a lesson and homework assignment each week as well as some self-evaluation quizzes. I know I haven't recovered from surgery yet - my stamina level is in the basement and I tire easily, so I'm hoping I haven't taken on more than I should have right now. Especially with summer coming up and I'm going to have to do my own yard work this year because it's just too costly to keep the yard crew coming.

I've always been an optimist though and "It'll work out," or "We'll make it be okay," are phrases that people hear me say a lot because I truly believe things will always work out and be okay. Even if it doesn't seem like it at first. SO, it'll all work out and it'll be okay. I'll do what I must to keep up with the banking classes and I'll use the herbalism study as a reward. In other words, no tinkering in the mad scientist's kitchen until the banking is done!

I'll let you know how that all goes...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Productive Saturday, Lazy Sunday

That's sort of how weekends are supposed to be though, right? Yesterday I had the oil changed in my car, got a haircut and manicure, got some new duds and some jewelry to go with them. And I had jamocha almond fudge ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. I haven't had ice cream there in ages. I think the last time, I had like 4 ice cream cones in my hands and the ice cream dropped off of one of them right onto the floor. I was dumbfounded and I am sure that there are still people talking about how they saw a woman lose the ice cream from her cone at the mall.

Today I'm not doing much of anything. I was going to clean out the fridge but that urge was overtaken by the need to watch some movies from Netflix. I watched Sunshine Cleaning and then The Hangover. They were both okay, but only okay. Maybe I'm a tough audience or maybe it all depends upon my mood. Probably if I was with my friends having some beers The Hangover would seem more funny that I found it today. But Bradley Cooper can have a lost weekend at my place anytime! I absolutely must see the A-Team Movie. Yum; he makes me drool.

I received my lesson book for my herbal studies and have made some small headway in the reading. I need to read all of the stuff about the Nervous System and then I'll be ready for the homework. Yes, I said "the Nervous System." I need to know how different parts and systems of the body work so I will understand how various herbs affect them. These lessons aren't all about making teas, ya know!

My studies in herbalism have met with a fair amount of scorn. I think people don't know what herbalism is or don't know that it's "real." Until the American medical community embraces the properties and powers of herbs more widely it will be an uphill battle. America is woefully behind on recognizing and including herbs as an accompaniment to standard medicine. But I think there is some progress and hopefully someday more people will think it's cool and there will actually be a place for herbalists alongside traditional medicine.

My mom thinks studying herbalism is some wacky thing that is a waste of time and money. Hooey, as it were. My boss sort of snorted and said, "I hope you make a lot of money at it." I told him I won't make money at it - this course of study is something I want to do because I WANT to learn it, not because I think it's going to make me rich. Personal enrichment and fulfillment is very important to me. Way more important than chasing the money train. I guess that's why I'll never be rich or even particularly comfortable in my life. But I have simple wants and needs and those folks who want to scoff and laugh are welcome to it. I know what makes me happy and what nourishes my soul and it isn't taking some classes that don't interest me. Will this boost my Employee Performance Review and make me more marketable? Nope. Is that my main focus? No. Let's not forget about the Work and Life Balance. This is part of my life balance and that is a very important thing. I'm doing this for me. :-)

Catch you on down the road.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

I heartily welcome the year 2010 because it's really time 2009 was behind us. It seems that 2009 was an extraordinarily rough year. As I look out the window at the bright and shining day I hope that the new year will stay bright and shining all the way through. Of course that bright and shining day is deceiving, it's 0 degrees out but it's shiny! I'm sure, just like the day, there will be some unpleasantness along with the brightness but I fervently hope the good outweighs the bad.

I had planned to make soap to kick in the new year - and the new shoulder, but you know, laziness overcame that plan. But I have my blend written down here on a scrap of paper from a Netflix envelope and I will get it done before long. I chose essential oils that are symbolic of some of the things I hope the new year brings: Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, and a little bit of Protection to keep us safe. I'm going to bring in a bucket of the snow that was out there basking in the light of the full moon as the year rolled over. If I have to I can freeze the snow until I get around to using it. Yes, I'm weird - I will freeze snow!

I am off to a good start in one respect, I signed up for a course in herbal studies. I've chosen The Science and Art of Herbalism by Rosemary Gladstar. You can read more about the course here . I am really looking forward to this course of study; traditional herbal healing has been an interest of mine for a long time. I think it will be very fulfilling and make me happy to further my knowledge.

I also hope to visit with The Twisted Sisters, Tina and Maryanne, who are into herbs and soapmaking and other things I like. Tina is going to help me with my plant identification because I think I'm okay on making things with herbs but I'm not confident that I'm identifying them all yet. I am quite sure I walk over really good stuff every day!

And on that note, I'd like to mention that as I go along I'll hope to be taking some photos of the herbs I find in my yard as well as those I am hoping to get planted.

Happy New Year to you! Stay safe, happy, healthy, and WARM and take a moment, while you're sipping a hot drink, to visit the blogs listed over there on the right. >>>>