Sunday, December 20, 2009

I hear an echo! And small wonder, too since I haven't been around to blog. Thank you to the two folks who are following the blog. It's much appreciated, especially since you don't get a lot of action out of me!

I've deleted all of my past posts and in retrospect I probably should have just archived them but what's gone is gone. We're not looking back, we're looking forward!

I recently had surgery on my shoulder which was a necessity after a fall I took around the first of August. The surgery was performed on Oct 27 and now we're in the recovery phase. I'm back to work and am attending therapy 3 times a week to regain use of my right arm. So, there will be no soapmaking for a while. But I have lots of other things to talk about so we'll concentrate on them for a while. Here's a warning to people: I am not always the most PC nor the most delicate flower in the garden in my ways so if you have an aversion to swearing or plain talk, well, you've been warned. lol

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